Pelosi, Markey blast BP for handling of oil leak

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June 2, 2010, 6:05 pm
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(NECN: Alison King) - With each passing day there is growing frustration with BP both from the public, and members of Congress.

Ed Markey: "BP has unfortunately been too interested in their own liability and not enough in their own livability of the gulf."

Congressman Ed Markey continues to blast BP for it's handling of the Gulf oil spill - calling out the oil giant for misrepresenting multiple aspects of the disaster - including originally saying the spill was only 1,000 gallons a day even though the company's own documents showed it to be much more.

Markey: "We would have taken different actions in the beginning if BP had been honest.

Markey also says BP short changed safety on the blow out preventer and that it was using expired batteries.

Markey: At the end of this catastrophe BP will stand for Bills Paid.  We are going to make sure that BP picks up the tab for this catastrophe.

The comments come as Markey brought House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a visit to A 123 Systems, a battery manufacturer in Watertown, Massachusetts which received a 249-million dollar federal stimulus grant to expand its manufacturing capacity.
Nancy Pelosi: As we can see from A-123 today. The American people industry is ready to go in a new direction.  The oil companies have resisted.

Pelosi says she hopes the crisis in the Gulf will provide the final proof to naysayers that the United States must change its energy policy.

Nancy Pelosi: And when it comes to energy, that new direction is not to dig deeper into the earth, but to reach to the sun to the wind, to the soil and exploit those renewable resources.

Alison King: I'm wondering if you see a scenario in which the United States is again, aggressively pursuing off shore drilling in the near future or otherwise.

Nancy Pelosi: Whatever it is that we do, we have to know that it's safe. Nobody said, but if it doesn't work we don't have the faintest idea how to clean this up.

As for the latest glitch in efforts to contain the leak, Markey is not surprised.

Ed Markey: BP has been making it up from the very beginning - they did not have a plan, so it should be no surprise when glitches develop.

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