Travel experts: Expect less amenities on your vacations

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June 7, 2013, 12:53 pm
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(NECN/NBC News: Chris Clackum) - A lot of summer vacations will start this weekend, and this year things may be a bit different at your destination.

Hilton has announced it's cutting out room service at its midtown Manhattan hotel.

It's a trend that travel experts say we should soon expect from other hotels, too.

"They're doing away with business centers, they're doing away with a lot of frills," says Travel & Leisure's Mark Orwoll. "Front door valets are a thing of the past."

But Jeanenne Tornatore at Orbitz says family vacationers have been on a no-frills kick for years now.

"They think about the little things that they can give up on their vacation to save a few dollars to buy those extra theme park tickets or the extra attractions they want to see," she explains.

Orbitz just did a survey of leisure travelers.

"What would they be willing to skip in their hotel experience to save some money? The biggest ones were newspaper service, daily maid service and fresh towels daily," Tornatore says.

"What people really want when they go to hotels, most Wi-Fi, free parking, free breakfast," Orwoll says.

Unfortunately, this year's vacationers will find gas far from free.

Prices are headed up, but for many it won't make much difference.

"No, sadly no, I still, I still like my car and I'm going to keep paying it," says motorist Ed Carfagnini.

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