Glen Davis and Nate Robinson, aka 'Shrek and Donkey'

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June 11, 2010, 6:32 am
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(NECN: Boston, Mass.) - The Boston Celtics received a major lift from its bench in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, playing a majority of the fourth quarter due to its effectiveness against the Los Angeles Lakers in a 96-89 series-tying win.

It was the dis-proportioned combination of Glen "Big Baby" Davis and Nate Robinson which led Boston's late-game surge. The duo combined to score 30 points off the bench, 15 of which were scored during Boston's massive 36-point pull-away fourth quarter.

In a game in which most of the starting five struggled to get anything going offensively, Davis carried the team on his back -- literally.

"Really, I'm going to just be honest with you. I just felt like I couldn't be denied," Davis said after the game, seated next to Robinson at the post game press conference.  "If a rebound was in my vicinity or like if the ball was going to be laid up, you know, I just felt like I just couldn't be denied."

After one particularly charged play, Davis was a man possessed by at half court, delivering a primal scream and slobbering all over himself. Robinson jumped on his back and joined in the excitement.

That moment, courtesy of

When posed the question of what happened on what may be, thus far, Davis' defining moment of the 2010 NBA Playoffs, he was surprised to learn that Robinson jumped on his back in celebration.

"He didn't even notice. We're like Shrek and Donkey -- best friends," Robinson said, setting off bursting laughter among the press. "They can't separate us."

Between the laughs, Davis had a message to the young fans who may have been watching, though likely on the West Coast due to the late start.

"If I slobber, snot, spit -- please excuse me. Kids don't do that. Have manners and things like that," Davis said with a grin.

Postgame footage courtesy of CNN.

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