Steve Rakes: Greig 'probably sleeps in an ice chest'

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June 12, 2012, 3:10 pm

(NECN) – Steve Rakes, who had his South Boston liquor store allegedly taken over by Whitey Bulger, said he doesn’t think the eight-year prison sentence for Catherine Grieg is long enough.

“I don’t think it was long enough. I believe she should have got the maximum time of 15 years. That would have been fair.”

Rakes said Greig consistently made the wrong choice.

“We all have choices. Sometimes you make good ones. She made a bunch of bad ones.”

He also said just because Greig wants to turn her life around, she is still responsible for her actions.

“Stone faced. She reminds me just of Bulger. Bullet piercing eyes. She has no heart,” Rakes said of Bulger in court. “She probably sleeps in an ice chest.”

Rakes also called eight years “a cake walk,” saying Greig should have got the maximum 15 years.

“She got away with it. It’s very sad. But it is what it is. You can’t control it.”

Rakes said Greig was critical to Bulger’s operations.

“Whitey Bulger couldn’t have been on the run this long without her. She was his everything. And it’s pretty sad,” Rakes said. “Without her, there was no him. He couldn’t tie his shoes.”

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