UMass Memorial doctor gives tips to exhausted Bruins fans

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June 13, 2013, 6:40 pm
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(NECN: Katelyn Tivnan) - One game into the Stanley Cup Final, and was it exhausting. Triple overtime forced us to stay on top of our game until the end, which wasn't until early morning.

From the goal-winning buzzer to a wake-up alarm… Neither were welcome sounds for Bruins fans.
A late night cheering on the team left many struggling with less sleep than normal on Thursday.

“I was up at 4 had to be here at ten of 5, so yeah, 2-3 hours of sleep; I’m tired today,” said Brittany Young, a server at the Donut Café in Worcester, Mass.

She says she is feeling the effects of a late night and has been serving sleepy Bruins fans like Frank Richardson all morning.

“Stayed up all that time just to watch them win,” Richardson said. “Three overtimes: that's a lot.”

Despite the disappointment, blurry eyed fans may also be suffering from sleep deprivation. Dr. Josna Adusumilli says even one late night can throw your body off, causing drowsy driving and poor concentration.

But, she says fans can make some quick adjustments to help.

“Sleep tip for Bruins fans is you can kind of pre-treat by taking a nap before the game that will help reduce sleep deprivation,” the UMass Memorial doctor says.

“I'm hoping the coffee might give me a boost for the rest of the day- get me through the work day,” said Phil Wettengel, another sleepy fan.

According to Dr. Adusumilli, Wettengel has the right idea. She says coffee can help boost alertness.

But for fans like Andrew Elkins, it might take a few extra cups. He started watching in a Chicago airport and they were still playing when he landed back in Boston.

“I watched the first period in the bar; second two periods on the plane; and I listened to the overtime on my way home,” Elkins says.

Fans say they don't regret the late night, but they bet they're not the only ones who are tired.

“I can't imagine what those hockey players feel like,” Wettengel said, “never mind how I feel.”

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