New Zealand hospital: She's had amazing progress

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June 14, 2012, 5:53 am

(NECN) - A Boston University student that was seriously injured in a New Zealand car crash has returned back home to Massachusetts.

Meg Theriault, 21, arrived at Logan International Airport in Boston around 3:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The Salsbury, Mass. native suffered a serious brain injury in the May 12 car crash that claimed the lives of three BU students.

Theriault was treated at a Waikato Hospital in New Zealand for more than a month after the crash.

Communications Director Mary Anne Gill spoke with NECN about the crash, and Theriault's incredible recovery.

"In the last four weeks, she's had some amazing progress, for her to be able to travel back home to boston is obviously a testament to her spirit, her will , her fitness and all of that," Gill said.

Gill also described the impact Theriault made on the New Zealand hospital.

"The emotion when she left the hospital from everybody, it's not just doctors and nurses, they made friends with cleaners, attendants, the people who delivered the tea and the food, people like me -- I'm a communications director. It touched everybody in the hospital while they were there," Gill said.

"And of course to the love and care of Todd and Deb-- her parents who hopped on a plane -- what a night for them, hopped o a plane crossed all the way  on the other side of the world to New Zealand  -- a country they had never been to before to come and support their daughter and she has, they have been by her bedside ever since, I've got nothing but admiration for them," Gill said.

Although Meg Theriault is expected to recover closer to home this summer, her New Zealand doctors will certainly be keeping in touch with the BU student.

"As I understand it they have been in regular touch and will continue to be in touch, but essentially they have passed over the key now of Meg to the hospital in Boston," Gill said.

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