Louisiana congressman suggests 'hara-kiri' from McKay of BP

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June 15, 2010, 2:30 pm
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(NECN: Washington) - Members of Congress and a couple select others are chastising the largest oil companies, accusing them of being no better prepared than BP to avert an environmental catastrophe.

The oil executives testified at a House hearing today.

Anh "Joseph" Cao, a Louisiana congressman who represents the Gulf of Mexico, said the oil disaster has caused "great economic impact."

"In the Asian culture, we do things differently. During the samurai days, we just give you a knife and ask you to commit hara-kiri," said Cao in regards to what Lamar McKay, President and Chairman of BP, should do.

"The cleanup process has been a disgrace. The claims process has been dismal," said Cao.

President Obama will address the nation tonight at 8pm. NECN and NECN.com will carry his speech live.

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