Waltham, Mass. police chief arraigned

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June 15, 2012, 6:13 pm

(NECN: Jackie Bruno, Waltham, Mass.) - The Waltham, Mass. police chief is in serious trouble after he was arrested for beating another person with a bicycle rack and a counter top.

Thomas LaCroix was arraigned Friday afternoon and faces several charges, including assault and witness intimidation.

He was arraigned in his hospital bed on Friday, after he was admitted overnight for chest pains, but prosecutors believe he may suicidal after they found a noose in his house.

LaCroix has been a member of the Waltham Police Department since 1986. But, on Thursday evening, he was arrested for allegedly hitting Andrea Kennedy LaCroix with a bike rack and counter top.

One neighbor said he can’t believe this happened.

"I have no idea. I haven't heard any commotion or anything like that," said neighbor Peter Foye. "I've known him for a few years, seems like a great guy."

After being arrested, LaCroix complained of stomach and chest pains and was sent to Emerson Hospital, where he was arraigned on Friday afternoon.

No cameras were allowed at his bedside arraignment on doctor’s orders.

He’s being held without bail until Tuesday when he’s scheduled for a dangerousness hearing. Prosecutors are concerned he may be suicidal.

"He was under some stress, he's fine now," said Peter Bella, lawyer for LaCroix. "I have no concerns about any suicidal ideas or threats he may have expressed. He's doing well."

But, prosecutors showed the judge pictures of a noose that was found in the home. She says he may be a danger to himself and others.

The District Attorney’s office has also requested Andrea Kennedy LaCroix’s medical records to find out if she was hurt in the past.

Waltham’s Mayor Jeannette McCarthy said she’s saddened by this situation.

"It's a really serious allegation. It's sad, all around for the department, for him, for his family," said Waltham Mayor Jeannette McCarthy. "It will take its course with the D.A., and after that, I'll work on it internally."

Mayor McCarthy told NECN he's appointed Deputy Chief Keith MacPherson as the acting police chief.

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