Fight summer brain drain

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June 21, 2012, 8:30 am

(NECN) - School's out for summer, and that means a break from student learning.

The Department of Early Education and CareCommissioner Sherri Killins joined "The Morning Show" to discuss how parents can keep their little ones' brains activated over the next few months.
A study by Harris Cooper and his colleagues found that students achievement test scores decline over the summer and the loss equals about one month on grade-level equivalent scale.

In the study, all students lost ground in math. In the area of reading, middle class students showed gains in achievement and lower-income
students showed significant losses.

Some preventative measures for parents, teachers, babysitters and councelors to keep in mind this summer:

The most important factor, regardless of the setting - whether it is a formal program such as a summer camp, or an informal setting such as a museum or library - is the quality of the experience for the children.

Be a Brain Builder:

o Use a Word of the Day calendar where you teach a child a new word everyday

o Have a conversation with your child - it builds their literacy skills

ยท Read to understand your environment

o Ask your child open-ended questions to encourage communication, critical thinking and discoveries

o Use everyday activities such as cooking to teach your child math concepts such as adding, subtracting, and multiplying when measuring and sorting ingredients

o Model healthy personal habits such as brushing and flossing your teeth together, or washing your hands together

o Make use of the resources in your community such as museums, libraries as additional learning opportunities (Boston Children's Museum offers $1 Friday nights)

o Visit one of our five Early Childhood Resource Centers at located at public libraries across the state

o Click here for brochures and videos with tips and tools on how to support a child's learning.

Click here for some interactive games and products to keep children mentally stimulated over the summer.

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