Boston Globe: Video images of Hernandez and homicide victim together

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June 21, 2013, 6:07 am
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(NECN: Justin Michaels) –There apparently is video, according to the Boston Globe, from Monday of Aaron Hernandez and Odin Lloyd together, and that is the day that Lloyd was killed.
Monday morning the Patriots did release a statement saying they will have no statement pending the police investigation but they did add they don't know why Hernandez was at Gillette Stadium yesterday.
There are still no arrests in the homicide investigation that has brought international media attention to this quiet street in North Attleboro, Mass. every day since Wednesday this week. And the Massachusetts State Police say no arrest is "imminent."

Yet again state police investigators were on Patriots player Aaron Hernandez's street yesterday. They were talking to neighbors, asking them if they have any surveillance cameras on their property.

The Bristol County District Attorney's Office says this investigation is "very active."

And Thursday, looking much like that infamous video from years ago of a white bronco driving down to Los Angeles Hwy. This is Aaron Hernandez driving his white Audi from Gillette Stadium, to a gas station to gas up, and then to his lawyers office in the Prudential Center in downtown Boston.

We know Hernandez did meet with his attorney, Michael fee, at the law firm of Ropes and Gray.

NECN spoke with Michael Fee Thursday night around 8 p.m.

He said, "My client came here today and met with legal counsel. His vehicle is still here. My client is gone for the day."

Jump back to last weekend. NECN has learned through law enforcement the Patriots tight end was at Rumor Nightclub in Boston. The club does have several surveillance cameras outside and in the doorway. Though workers at that club say they haven't seen Hernandez.

And because this investigation does extend from Boston to North Attleboro, we caught up with Police Commissioner Ed Davis about It all.

Davis said, "Certainly we're in close contact with the state police. I spoke with Lieut. Col. Matthews earlier this afternoon and we’re assisting them as much as possible. This is a state police investigation in another county and so I'm going to defer any questions to the state police."

Since Wednesday, this story really has focused on Aaron Hernandez for the most part. But we must remember at the center of this is the homicide of Odin Lloyd.  Coming up next half hour you'll hear from his sister about what his family wants.

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