Tongue-lashing from murder victim's dad

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June 22, 2012, 12:39 pm

(NECN: Eileen Curran: Boston, Mass.)   Chrisostimo Lopes and Josh Fernandez knew they were being sentenced to life in prison without parole when they walked into Suffolk Superior court in Boston, what they might not have known is-- they were about to get a gut-wrenching tongue lashing from the victim's father.

"I have to go down Bowdoin Street, the corner of Norton Street and watch where my son was killed," yelled Nate Davis, Sr.

 His son, Nick Fomby-Davis, 14, was riding his scooter in his Dorchester neighborhood on May 30, 2010, when he was gunned down.  A police officer who witnessed the killing said Lopes held onto the boy, while Fernandes shot four rounds.
 On Thursday, a jury convicted the two of first degree murder.

 During the sentencing Friday, Fomby-Davis' aunt, Angela Fomby, talked directly to the defendants.

"Nicholas never did anything bad to anyone and certainly not to you two animals who decided to take his life. He had family who loved him he was going to be somebody in life and you guys took all that away from us."

 At one point there was a back and forth exchange between the victim's family and the defendant's.  Nate Davis was brought out of the courtroom to cool off.
 Neither defendant showed any emotion during the proceeding, not when the victim's sister got up and talked about the bright future her brother had ahead of him, and not when a grieving father blasted them for what they did.

"Two years older than my son, you should have been showing him how to play basketball or something, but you only had one intention when you picked up that gun-- is to kill," screamed Davis at the defendants.

 Police said the two are gang members, something the defense disputed. Still, Nate Davis fears gang retaliation.

"Just stay away from my family--stay away from them. You see them in the health center, when you see them in the store, just stay away from them," said Davis.

 District Attorney Dan Conley said he has offered his help to the family and he also warned anyone who might retaliate, police will go after them.

 Fernandes and Lopes were both given the automatic sentence for their first-degree murder conviction: life in prison without parole.

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