Attorney: Government has momentum in Bulger trial

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July 8, 2013, 8:18 am
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(NECN) – The James ‘Whitey’ Bulger trial swings back into action Monday after long break for July Fourth. Our resident Bulger expert Margaret McLean joins me now to discuss what we expect to see as we roll on.

With court resuming, which side has the momentum?

“The government has the momentum because they had the best witness on Tuesday, it was Billy Shea, drug dealer and he was able to tell a story. And as a lawyer, I’ll tell you, those story-telling witnesses are the best you can get. They had jurors on the edge of their seats going into that break which is good for the government,” she says.

McLean says it was a nice break and she’s sure the jurors will feel refreshed.

The government filed a motion asking the judge to permit Kevin Weeks to offer his opinion about whose handwriting is on a letter that was found with a stash of guns in a safe. The government is trying to connect the guns to Whitey.

“It’s going to be a fantastic week. I’m telling you. Kevin Weeks is a key government witness who will be able to testify about racketeering, extortion and especially murders. Murders which he witnessed himself. And of course Kevin is the one that buried those bodies in the basement, unburied them and buried them somewhere else and lead authorities to the bodies later on so we’re talking a key eye witness for the government and I imagine the government will keep that momentum through the week.”

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