Concern over rabid bat in Spencer, Mass.

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July 21, 2012, 6:59 pm

(NECN: Julie Loncich, Spencer, Mass.) - "You can actually see the cut right there, you can see a little cut," said Jojo Keefe.

That's a bite mark from a bat -- a rabid bat -- on 10-year-old Jojos finger. She was at Luther Hill Park in Spencer Mass.this past Tuesday with her family when she found herself caught up in a bit of commotion after the bat fell from a tree and into the water below,

"There was this lady that was holding it and a girl that was holding it, and I was like, are you sure you're supposed to be holding that? I was like kinda scared, what if it bites you or something?"

Unfortunately for Jojo, it did bite her. And only her.

In the serene, isolated Spencer, Mass. park there is cause for concern.

A reverse 911 call went out to residents here, alerting them of the situation, and urged anyone who may have come in contact with the bat to consult their physician. Health officials believe other children were also seen petting the bat before it was removed.

An official said, "On the way down here we were telling the kids to make sure if they saw any animals that were acting funny, any raccoons, not to touch them, to leave them alone."

Jojo said that's a lesson she sure learned from the experience. She will have to undergo a series of three rabies shots because, said her father, Kerry Keefe, the rabies virus is in her body. The rabies shots contain antibodies designed to stop symptoms of the disease before they occur.

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