Dive teams search local waters for Celina

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July 30, 2011, 7:10 pm

(NECN) - New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Jane Young spoke at a Saturday press conference for Celina Cass and announced that dive teams will search surrounding bodies of water.

Young stressed that this does not indicate they are looking for a body, rather they refuse to leave any stone unturned.

She reminded everyone that the FBI posted a $25,000 reward earlier today and an anonymous citizen posted a $5,000 reward with no strings attached. Any person or people who provide information that leads to Celina's whereabouts will receive the money.

Young said there is no other new information at this time and asks that everyone remain patient, but most importantly, that everyone stay in West Stewartstown, NH.

She stressed that by everyone getting the message out to the public, hundreds of tips are pouring in. Authorities are looking at these tips and honing their investigation as a result. It is imperative that this continues to happen because they need to do that in order to find Celina.

Young said they will not leave any stone unturned, searching both land and water. However, she would not specify which bodies of water will be searched.

She said they have fresh resources and fresh man power for this investigation, and they will continue to use everything at their disposal to find this 11-year-old girl.

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