Cape Cod buzzing over possible shark attack

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July 31, 2012, 6:29 am

(NECN: Josh Brogadir) - Witnesses say what they saw in Truro was clearly a shark attack -- and fortunately there was a doctor on the beach and people putting pressure on the man's wounds.

A man swimming 1/4 mile out was with his teenage son was attacked Monday.

"It was a shark attack. I mean, it looked like just like what you see in the film -- it was really scary," said Walter Palmer.

What Walter and Katy Palmer say they saw a real shark attack in the waters off Ballston Beach in Truro.

"Between the two of them, a fin about yea big came up and it was torquing and then it was like, 'what did we just see?' It was like out of a movie... but you knew that was a shark," said Katy Palmer.

The man was taken away on a stretcher.

Police say he does not have life threatening injuries, but was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Images of sharks have been caught around the Cape all summer, from tagging great whites, to a fin seen by a kayaker off Nauset Beach in Orleans.

But until Monday, no one had been hurt.

The sightings have been closer to the elbow, due largely to a thriving seal population off the coast of Chatham.

And so this encounter on the Outer Cape, is not as common.

Still, it's not going to stop summer vacationers from having fun -- on the sand.

Or year-rounder Mark Adams from going for an after work swim.

The enounter has not been confirmed as a shark attack, but all indications point that way.

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