Mass. tax increasing for gas, cigarettes

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July 31, 2013, 7:56 am
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(NECN: Jackie Bruno) - The gas tax in Massachusetts is going up by three cents a gallon. It used to be 21 cents a gallon, now it is 24 cents.

Cigarette taxes are also going up a whole dollar. Smokers used to pay $2.51 a pack in taxes and now that’s up to $3.51 a pack, pushing the total of a pack of cigarettes to over $9 a pack. That may prompt some people to quit, but you can’t quit getting gas for your car if you need it to go to work. We asked people what they think of this gas tax hike.

One person said, “I think it hurts people. It’s regressive in the sense that you make a million dollars a years it doesn’t hurt your pocket as much as the poor guy over here making $30,000 a year, so it’s regressive.”

Nick Lennord of Londonberry, N.H. said, “Even though it’s only 3 cents, that adds up over time. If you’re down here every day for work and whatnot, which a lot of people are, that’s probably an extra $50 a month that you’re spending.”

There is also a new law that imposes a 6.25-percent sales tax on computer software services. It’s been criticized by being too vague and confusing.

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