RV ends up in backyard pool, driver rescued by owner, neighbor

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August 1, 2012, 6:26 pm
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(NECN: Eileen Curran) - We do the occasional story about a car that might end up in a pool but rarely do you see something like this.

An RV wound up in a pool in Brockton, Mass. It was the end of a wild ride, but, once the camper came to rest, the rescue effort was just beginning.
“He went the whole length of his driveway, the whole length of his backyard, right through a tree, right through a fence and landed in the pool,” said Larry Lambert, 58, of Brockton.

Lambert is still shaking after watching a man drive his RV camper into a neighbor’s pool. Lambert was driving by on North Quincy Street in Brockton Wednesday morning, when he saw the RV go into the pool.

He called 911 and ran to help the driver.

He and the pool owner, Norman Little, rescued the man.

“I was surprised to find him in water, I thought he’d be in the camper and we’d never get him out,” said Lambert. “He was free in the water. We just had to grab him and drag him out.”

“He said his accelerator got stuck, then he said his shoe got caught in it,” Lambert said.

Police say the driver had a medical issue which led to the crash. The man was taken to the hospital, but is expected to be ok.

Emergency crews were then faced with the problem of a 28-foot RV in a 36-foot pool.

First, they had to drain the camper’s fuel and remove its propane gas tanks.

“There’s fuel leaking that could create a spark, there’s gas in the camper, propane gas,” said Brockton Police Captain Leon McCabe.

Then, they started draining the pool.

Lynch’s Towing brought a battery of trucks, including two huge vehicles, one with a crane on it to lift out the camper.

One of the tow guys had to go into the pool to put the chains and straps around the underside of the RV.

It was a painstaking process of removing the camper.                     

“It’s just a slow process,” said Sean Bastis of Lynch’s Towing.  “We have to lift it a little, let the water drain out of the coach, lift it a little more, let it drain more.”

Four hours later, the camper was hauled away.  The pool suffered damage, but luckily no one was in it when the camper crashed through the fence.

As for Larry Lambert, he lost a day at work, but has an exciting story to tell. Even better:

“I didn’t even get wet,” he said.  “We were able to reach him from the edge of the pool.”

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