Meet Boston mayoral candidate Rob Consalvo

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August 1, 2013, 8:12 pm
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(NECN: Alison King) - Boston mayoral candidate Rob Consalvo was at a neglected home in Boston, one of thousands throughout the city, laying out his plan to hold the banks that own these types of properties accountable.

Abandoned, neglected and foreclosed homes are a blight on the neighborhood, Consalvo said, and a magnet for crime.

Consalvo, a Boston City Councilor is an ideas guy. He's actually called for the creation of an office of ideas and innovation and he's got dozens of them.

There's his plan for rubber sidewalks that he says would save millions each year in paving costs. And there's the plan to increase the use of the Shotshotter gun detection system to help reduce crime - which Consalvo introduced to Boston several years ago.
"I get made fun of my love of Governing Magazine, but, it's like the Sports Illustrated for city counselors. Every month you get a magazine that has like 50 ideas in it. It's awesome," Consalvo says.

Consalvo, 44, is a known as an old friend and protégé of Mayor Tom Menino, who previously held Consalvo's Hyde Park seat.

The old buzz around town is that Menino would like to see Consalvo take over the Mayor's Office some day, but Consalvo denies it.

I asked Consalvo if he thinks the Mayor is secretly with him. Consalvo's response? "He is not. He has said that he's not getting involved in the race. I totally respect that. As a friend, I would never pressure him to try to be with me. He's the mayor of the whole city and I understand that."

Consalvo says he's going to win this race on his own - and in some respects he's spent a lifetime building toward it.

Hyde Park-born and raised, Consalvo went off to Xavier University in Cincinnati, where an internship in Senator Kennedy's office cemented his plan for a life in public service.

He went on to work at the state house for six years before becoming a city councilor and says, "No one has what I'm calling the trifecta of state federal and city experience and certainly no one has the record of innovation and real ideas and real public policy that I've had."

With three young children, Consalvo says he and his wife are personally invested in the Boston Public schools.

And he's giving up his council seat with no other job to fall back on. Proof, he says, that he's "all in."

"All in for the future of this city, strongest record in public service, in it for the right reasons and willing to put everything on the line to be your next mayor," Consalvo says.

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