Cape Cod beach on high alert after shark attack

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August 2, 2012, 9:31 am
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(NECN: Eileen Curran, Truro, Mass.) - The first man to be bitten by a shark in Cape Cod in 75 years is making a recovery.

Massachusetts General Hospital confirms that Chris Myers is in good condition.

He was swimming with his son a couple of hundred yards off of Ballston Beach in Truro, Mass. on Monday when he was attacked.

The bite has beach-goers on high-alert for sharks, and has several communities considering a protection plan.

Marc Tasse of Montreal has been coming to Truro with his family for 35 years.

He thinks it's a good idea for local communities to work together on the shark problem.

"I think for the beach and the people it will make them more confident something's being done," Tasse said.

When a great white shark decided to take a bite out of Chris Myers' legs on Monday, it set off a flurry of fear and activity.

Fear of the water by beach-goers at Ballston Beach in Truro and activity by town officials trying to grapple with a new reality.

Shark sightings have been increasing steadily the past few years on the Cape with the growth of the seal population - a favorite food source for the sharks.

The sightings are one thing, but a shark attack is forcing officials to come up with a plan - including when and how to keep the public informed.

Tasse believes the public needs to share the responsibility.

"Everybody's a lifeguard here you're always looking at the ocean to me everybody is looking out if there's anything it doesn't take long to get the people out of the ocean," Tasse said.

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