Shark attack victim: 'I had 1 option. Swim. Swim toward shore'

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August 3, 2012, 12:27 pm
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(NECN) - The victim of Monday's shark attack at a Cape Cod beach was released from Mass. General Hospital Friday and spoke to the media, along with his son J.J., on his way out.
Christopher Myers said that he and his son were in deeper water trying to get to a sandbar off Ballston Beach in Truro on Monday when he was bitten on the lower part of both legs.
They wanted to get to a place where the waves were breaking so they could body surf.
Myers said his son asked him, ‘what do you think would happen if a shark came along?’

Myers responded, ‘well, we’d be history.’

They were having trouble getting to the sandbar, so they turned around to go back. On the way back, Myers felt a huge bite on his leg and he was quite sure it was a shark.

“I felt like my leg was caught in a vice. I kicked very hard with my free leg, with my right leg, and I was able to, or the shark decided I wasn’t tasty or something good happened and he let me go.”

His son, J.J., said he heard a scream and looked back to see the fin of what state Marine Fisheries shark expert thinks was a great white.

Myers said the shark surfaced right between him and his son. He said he could see the shark’s whole back and its dorsal fin.
Myers, feeling dizzy, said he and his son then swam hard back to shore.

“There was really one option. Swim. Swim toward shore,” Myers said.
J.J. said his dad was able to swim remarkably fast and he was incredibly calm with it all. Myer’s son said his dad was even more calm than him.

“We got to shore, and he said, ‘well, we’re not history,’” said J.J. of his dad’s reaction to reaching shore.

Myers had a total of eight wounds that required 47 stitches and he had a couple of severed tendons in his ankle.

He said he didn’t begin to feel pain until an hour and a half after, when he was in the ambulance.

“I’m feeling very pleased to be here and walking,” Myers, outside Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston with bandages around both legs.

“Maybe I was the last person to not have heard there were sharks on Cape Cod,” he said of not knowing about the warnings. “If I had, I think I would have been much more careful and probably should have been much more careful anyway.”

He said from all he has heard from experts, it appears that the shark was likely a great white. He also personally believes it was a great white.

He said he plans on sticking closer to shore from now on but he likely will be back swimming.

Myers, 50, lives in Denver now but he grew up in Boston and spent time on the Cape as a child. He said he’s open to offers to sell his story so that he would have money for a learning company, Myers Learning, that teaches digital design and computer programming to elementary school kids.

For more on this, watch the attached interview with shark attack victim Chris Myers and his son J.J.

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