Shark victim: 'Well, we're not history!'

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August 3, 2012, 12:38 pm
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(NECN: Eileen Curran: Boston, Mass.) - Chris Myers, 50, remembers the conversation he had with his son,  J.J., as they swam away from Ballston Beach in Truro, Ma Monday.

"J.J. said to me, 'What do you think would happen if a shark came along?' I said,  "We'd be history.'"

 Myers is very glad he was very wrong and didn't become history when a shark, believed to have been a Great White, took a bite out of him.

"I felt like my leg was caught in a vise," said Myers.

 Myers, a Boston native who now lives in Denver, and his son J.J., 16, were bodysurfing about 400-500 yards off shore.

 Despite numerous reports of shark sightings on the Cape this summer, Myers said he was unaware of the reports and didn't stay close to shore.

 The sharks are after the many seals in the area, who frequently pop up among the swimmers and surfers. Myers knew right away, it was a shark bite he felt..

"I kicked very hard with my free leg, my right leg and I was able to, or the shark decided I wasn't tasty... and he let me go," said Myers.

"I heard him scream," said J.J.  "I turned and saw this shark surface in between the two of us."

Myers continued, "There was really only one option and that was swim, swim to shore."

"I think seeing a shark is enough to get you swimming as fast as you can back to the beach," J.J. said with a laugh.

"About half way there, I started to feel kind of dizzy and lightheaded," said Myers  "(I)  wondered if I was losing blood and wondered if I was going to be able to make it to shore."

 Amazingly, they made it to shore, where a doctor and nurse, who happened to be on the beach were able to administer first aid until emergency crews arrived.

 Myers said, surprisingly, he wasn't scared and felt no pain until about an hour and a half after the bite.

 He's lucky: 47 stitiches, a couple of severed tendons and a cast on one leg, but he knows how it could have been much worse for him and his son.

"I'm feeling pretty pleased to be here and walking," said Myers.

 JJ said his dad never lost his sense of humor.  When they were able to reach the beach that day, his dad jokingly referred to his earlier answer about if they encountered a shark.

"I remember he was sitting on the ground and he said, 'Well, we're not history,'" said JJ.

 Myers has to walk with crutches, but hopes to be walking normally in about 3-4 weeks. He said he will return to Ballston Beach and go in the water, but just not so far out.

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