Judge denies Kerrigan’s request to return to prison

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August 8, 2012, 12:39 pm

(NECN: Jackie Bruno, Woburn, Mass.) - The brother of former Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan was in court again Wednesday, and it was for a pretty strange reason: he wanted to go back to jail.

Mark Kerrigan was just asking a judge to allow that instead of having to follow probation guidelines, including anger management classes.

The judge decided that Kerrigan cannot just choose to go back to jail. She said he has to serve out his probation, whether he likes it or not.

It isn’t often that people ask to go back to jail, but that’s exactly what Mark Kerrigan did in court Wednesday. His lawyer Janice Basil said he’d rather spend four more months in jail, than serve out the rest of his two-year probation. She said there’s no way Kerrigan can make enough money to live and meet his probation requirements.

“If you look at the financial costs alone of those conditions, 65-dollars a month in probation fees, and programs, and the ability to go to these programs and at the same time to be employed. It’s virtually impossible,” said Kerrigan’s lawyer.

But, Judge Kathy Tuttman said that’s not a decision Kerrigan can make. She stuck by the original sentence, and said the court could make financial exceptions, if he could prove that he’s really broke.

This all comes about a week after Kerrigan was released from jail after serving two-and-a-half years for assault and battery that may have led to his father’s death. Back then, he begged the court not to give him jail time.

“I’d just like to say that I loved my father and I miss him very much. I’d like the opportunity to return home with my family so that we can finish grieving my father’s loss and so I can be there to help my mother,” Kerrigan said at the time.

His mother was in court with him Wednesday, but his famous Olympian sister, Nancy Kerrigan, was not.

Kerrigan’s lawyer said he was doing very well in jail with the programs he was enrolled in there, but, now, he will have to comply with his probation. If he violates it, he could get sent back to jail then.

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