TWIB: Newspapers as intellectual bling?

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August 11, 2013, 1:12 pm
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(NECN) - The sales of The Boston Globe and The Washington Post in recent weeks have brought speculation about the future of the industry and why private ownership might be interested in the investment.

The business editors roundtable included NECN business editor Peter Howe, Globe business editor Shirley Leung and George Donnelly of Boston Business Journal. The panel gathered to discuss John Henry buying the Globe, Jeff Bezos buying the Post, and whether newspapers might just be new intellectual bling for the uber-wealthy.

"I think newspapers are the new trophy property for wealthy individuals," said George Donnelly, Editor of the Boston Business Journal. "In Henry's case, I think he is - he's a very smart guy, he's had a lot of success in business. I do think, though, he is going to get his arms around something that he might find a little bit more intractable than maybe he bargained for."

"I love this new line of reporting - sort of Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller made billions of dollars and then they put it into foundations. John Henry, Jeff Bezos make billions of dollars and they put it into noble, but financially doomed prestigious mass market newspapers," added Howe.

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