Portland man arrested for fatal stabbing

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August 13, 2010, 4:47 pm
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(NECN: Marnie MacLean, Portland, Maine) -  A Portland, Maine man is behind bars tonight, charged with murder. Police say 25-year-old Shawn Garland stabbed his victim inside a third floor apartment.

It was Thursday night when Portland police were first called to apartment 6 on grant street.
Inside, they found the body of a man who had been stabbed. Hours later, the victim was removed from the scene...and officers arrested 25 year old Shawn Garland, charging him with murder.

The murder happened in Garland's apartment.  Marie Manchester lives across the hall.  She claims Garland has a problem with anger...and she knew when to steer clear.

Marie Manchester--suspects neighbor: "You can see it in his eyes, bad...his eyes get huge and his face gets red."

Aaron Pyle says he also saw that anger.  He says he recently lived with Garland in his apartment.

Aaron Pyle: "He has a serious temper, yelling at himself running through the apartment..I'd get woken up to yelling."

The door to Garland's apartment is covered with handmade drawings that neighbor's say were strange and hard to understand. They believe the victim was a friend of Garland's who came to visit.

The murder happened in the parkside neighborhood....long known for drug use and high crime...but a few years ago a community center opened up and despite this crime...the center director believes things are getting better.

Rachel Horton White: "Crime rate has gone down, calls for service are  down...some drug use and drug dealers have gone down...still there are some of those things here."

And when crimes happen the center steps in to help...children who live next to the house where the murder happened spent the morning at the neighborhood center to give them a safer environment.
Police haven't offered a motive for the stabbing or released the name of the victim, Shawn Garland is now being held at the Cumberland County Jail.

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