Boston city councilor trying to ban kids from UFC event

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August 13, 2013, 10:04 pm
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(NECN: Kathyrn Sotnik, Boston) - "It protects kids and that's what I'm trying to do protect children."

Boston city councilor Stephen Murphy says that's why he's trying to put an end to kids watching ultimate fighting events in Boston.

"I think it's violent and the behavior is over the top and it promotes violence against women. This is about protecting children from stuff that is over the top," says Murphy.

With a major UFC event planned for Saturday in the city at the TD Garden, Murphy has even filed a city resolution to prohibit children under 18 from attending.

Dana White, the UFC President, completely disagrees, saying, "the economy has never been worse, tons of people are out of jobs and this is what this guy is focused on?"

White also calls Murphy hypocritical and points to other pro sports.

"You realize that the patriots play here? What just happened in football right? Have you ever been to a Yankees Red Sox game? Have you ever heard things that are yelled and said around little kids?" says White.

George Liss, a parent from Needham, Mass. was watching mixed martial arts at a South Boston gym Tuesday with his son, and says he agrees with White stating, "My son has been getting bullied at school for years and since he's been involved in MMA that stopped."

But councilor Murphy says even more so than the fighting, he takes issue with what he says are UFC fighters in YouTube videos.

"Anyone who sees those YouTube events would think the UFC is out of their mind," says Murphy.

But the UFC president says it all boils down to this- a long standing labor dispute. White says his business partners in Las Vegas are non union and won't unionize.

White says, "Really what he's in, he's in the culinary unions pockets is what he is."

Councilor Murphy fired back, "He comes with some cockamamy story about some union in Las Vegas that I don't know about, when you haven't got the law you argue the facts, when you haven't got the facts that's when you call your opponents names and that's what the UFC specializes in."

As far as this Saturday goes, Councilor Murphy is out of luck time-wise.

The full city council will have to vote on the ordinance. The next time they meet is on August 21, after Saturday's fights.

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