GOP race hits Granite State

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August 17, 2011, 9:25 pm
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(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Concord, NH) -- There was a really big turnout - Ron Paul even joked that he usually gets 30 to 40 people at events, but tonight there were hundreds working on this grassroots campaign as he tries to stay close in the Republican Presidential race.

But the media attention is rather limited.

The Texas Congressman, at least nationally, has been getting largely ignored.

"Right before we were supposed to go on or the evening before that (one of the network shows) called and said you've been canceled," Paul told his followers.

Even with his second place finish by less than 1 percent at the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa,  Congresswoman Michele Bachmann got all the credit for a big win. He got next to none for a narrow loss.

"The ramification that has actually come from it has actually helped us, because I think people like fairness," Paul said.

A new Magellan poll done in the Granite State has him in third place, behind former MA Governor Mitt Romney and Texas Governor Rick Perry.

And Rasmussen, a national poll has this anti-big government constitutionalist sitting in fourth among Republican presidential contenders.

This long line hundreds deep - all to meet with the congressman, to get an autograph, shake his hand, and pledge their support.

"Just his years of service and his commitment to his ideals and his beliefs and not waffling and that's impressive to me and that's why Ron Paul has my support," said Shawn Boyd, who drove all the way from Littleton, close to 100 miles away.

On this day in New Hampshire,
Romney was at a steel plant in Berlin talking about the growing field of GOP candidates.

"I welcome Gov. Perry, if others want to get in, terrific, the water's fine, I think people recognize the President is not the right one to lead the country the next five years," Romney said.

While Perry speaking at a Politics and Eggs breakfast in Bedford, took aim at President Obama.

"Mr. President, America's crisis is not bad luck, it's bad policies from Washington D.C.," Perry said.

Neither candidate mentioned Ron Paul, which is fine by him.

"And the other candidates know, they have to appeal on the issues I have been talking about for 30-40 years," Paul said.

Paul is considered a dark horse in NH, he got more support here than anywhere else in his 2008 campaign.

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