Jim McGovern on President Obama

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August 18, 2011, 6:59 pm
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(NECN) -- President Obama arrived in Martha's Vineyard to begin his vacation Thursday, but other Democrats are reporting to work in Massachusetts. Democratic Representative Jim McGovern recognized that the president "is entitled to a little R&R," but hopes jobs will be at the top of his agenda when he returns to Washington.

"We need to get the focus back on jobs," said McGovern. "Here we are at the end of August, and Congress hasn't done anything about jobs."

McGovern voted "no" on the debt ceiling compromise, calling is "a catastrophe" that disagreed with both President Obama and the American people's stance on revenues.

"I didn't run for Congress to dismantle the New Deal," said McGovern.

The Massachusetts Rep is a loyal supporter of the president, but feels that the current political climate in the country calls for bolder leadership.

"The president needs to fight back," he said.

McGovern declined to name a candidate he hopes will campaign against Scott Brown for the previously-Democratic held seat in the Senate, but is getting fired up for the general election.

"I look at the Republicans who are running against him, and my enthusiasm level in terms of going out and fighting for his re-election intensifies," he said of Obama.

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