Debate wages over proposed Millbury, Mass. slots parlor

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August 20, 2013, 6:31 pm
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(NECN: Mike Cronin) – “We feel that this is a chance that Millbury may never see again,” said “YES for Millbury” Chairman Brian Stowell.

A group of Millbury, Mass. residents is organizing support for a proposed casino slots parlor.

He said, “The amount of money that's guaranteed through this organization is just about one-tenth of our town budget right now.”

The group will have its first official meeting Thursday, but already, Stowell says they have more than 100 members and support from some local businesses. Casino Developer Rush Street Gaming is funding the cost of yard signs.

Stowell said, “I understand that change is scary but I am not on a payroll. I'm doing this because I feel that it's the best for the town of Millbury.”

Rush Gaming is facing some criticism for an incident at their casino in Philadelphia. A gambler banned from the casino and on the self-exclusion list was caught gambling there. Rush Gaming said, "We will partner with the state and local authorities to make sure that people who put themselves on the self-exclusion list stay out of our Millbury casino."

 “No Slots Milbury” President Lesa McWalters said, “People need to understand that we don't have enough information to know how it's going to affect our town.”

Casino opposition group “No Slots Millbury” formed earlier this month. Tuesday, 150 signs were delivered to McWalters. She says supporters of slots have been misinformed.

She said, “They're being told there's going to be a new fire station, there's going to be a new police station, schools are going to be improved, traffic problem will be solved. None of those things are in the contract..”

Meanwhile, Stowell says the $200-million proposal will create jobs and revenue for the town. Similar to “No Slots Millbury,” this group also plans to educate residents.

Stowell said, “We're gonna give you the facts. We're not pushing for you to change your vote. We want you to be an educated voter and make the best decision for what's best for the town.”

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