Analyst: Look for some great speeches at the RNC

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August 24, 2012, 8:59 am

(NECN) - Isaac could make land-fall as a hurricane by Monday when 50,000 people are set to arrive for the republican national convention in Tampa.

Governor Rick Scott is holding meetings twice a day on the storm.
While Tampa's Mayor believes the convention will go on without any problems.

So how could all that change the convention?
For a look at what we can expect from Tampa next week, we're joined by political analyst Fred van Magness.

There is news of Romney being officially nominated on Monday, when it’s usually done on Wednesdays.

“Usually a nomination on Wednesday and speaking on Thursday. I think the weather is throwing off the progression of the convention a little bit and causing everyone to change plans but I think it’s going to go off without a hitch,” van Magness says.

Who are the speakers we need to look out for?

“The key players are still going to be there. Look for great speeches by Romney and Ryan. Look for great keynote addresses. You’ve got people like Chris Christie, Nikki Haley, I’ve heard Condoleezza Rice could be speaking, Ann Romney is also going to be speaking, a very eloquent speaker in support of her husband.”

There is a lot of pressure on Paul Ryan, van Magness says, but he is a great speaker.

Will Missouri Congressman Todd Akin be there?  Will his comments be addressed at the convention?

“I don’t think they make any mention of it and I think there’s a good reason because I think they’ve already addressed it. They’ve already called for him to step out of the race. He doesn’t speak for the republican party so he has no place at the convention.”

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