Boston police: There could be bad batch of 'Molly' floating around northeast

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September 4, 2013, 12:41 pm
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(NECN: Ally Donnelly) - Boston police suspect there may be a bad batch of “molly” on the streets. This new information is coming from a meeting of Boston's licensing board, looking into what happened at the House of Blues the night a young college student died.

Brittany Flannigan attended a concert by DJ Zedd last Tuesday. Police believe she overdosed on the club drug "molly."

Licensing board wants to know what happened that tonight when Flannigan allegedly overdosed on MDMA, the pure form of ecstasy. Two other people also overdosed that night at the House of Blues.
There were two sides at the hearing before the licensing board, Boston police and attorneys and staff for the House of Blues.

Boston police went first and basically testified that the House of Blues is very cooperative, they feel they’re doing everything they can to stop kids and young people from taking drugs in their clubs and that their hands were tied in this particular incident, although a homicide investigation and drug investigation is still ongoing.

We got a lot more detail from the House of Blues staff members, as well as managers and their attorneys, as to what happened that night. They say they got a medical call that a woman was in distress, they found the young woman convulsing. They say they got everyone medical attention within four minutes and that they keep CPR and EMT trained staff at the club and have ambulances on standby.

They say their nickname is the House of Rules because they card people, pat them down at several points in club and they call this a very unfortunate, but in their minds, perhaps, an unavoidable incident.

Boston Police Supt. William Evans says it’s very, very difficult to determine whether or not someone has a tiny pill or a packet of powder.

Boston Police say there very well could be charges in this case. They do believe there could be a bad batch of ‘Molly’ floating through the northeast and they say they believe they know where and from whom these drugs came from and they could file criminal charges.

The commissioner of the licensing board says she expects to issue a formal letter to the House of Blues detailing what she wants them to do.

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