Mike Capuano 'leaning against' military action in Syria

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September 6, 2013, 1:21 pm
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(NECN) - U.S. Rep. Mike Capuano was asked about his opinion on the Syria resolution.

He said, “I am leaning against it but I am not going to close the door until the vote comes because I want to give President Obama and Secretary Kerry every opportunity to make their case and to answer all the questions to the best of their ability that we all have. To me thus far those questions have not been answered sufficiently but to me there's plenty of time. There's still probably another two weeks before the House has to vote. Again, I am a supporter of the President; I want to be supportive; I think they make some good points; I accept the argument that Assad probably did commit a war crime and there should be consequences to that; however, that doesn't then say that the next consequence must be that the united states acting on its own right now.”

What questions does Capuano need answered before he would change his mind?

“For me, it's the question of what happens the next day. I don’t want to make Assad into some sort of an anti-American hero for people who wish us badly. I don’t want to be pushing Iran further away from discussions on nuclear weapons. We all know that they're trying to develop them. I don’t want to be splitting us from other countries or inflaming the region…I’m not at all sure that this would push Assad away from using chemical weapons or from others doing other things so for me if we don’t have an open honest discussion about the likelihood of what happens the day after I think it's not a full discussion.”

Does Capuano think going in there right now could make it worse?

“Yes, I’m afraid it could. I don’t know obviously but I’m afraid it could. I don’t think it’s worth that effort. I think it’s particularly telling that the rest of the world, our normal allies, are not with us at this point in time. And I don’t think that makes them any less moral than us…I just think it makes them possibly more pragmatic than us at the moment. Morality is a good trait to have. I’d like to think of myself as a moral person, and again, I do think that Assad probably did this and does deserve some consequences. That’s really not the argument for me anymore. The question now is more about is this the right consequence at this time as currently proposed and I have serious doubts about that.”

Capuano was asked about Ed Markey voting ‘present’.

“Look, Ed is a longtime friend and I think when everything is said and done, six months from now, no one will remember it because he’s gonna have to vote on the Senate floor soon. If he didn't have enough information to vote then I respect that and he will have to vote soon, probably next week, and that will be a yes or no vote, and people will make a judgment there and I don’t think most people will even remember this. It'll be a blip in history.”

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