BU students blame administration, Jack Parker

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September 7, 2012, 11:25 am
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(NECN: Eileen Curran) - When a Boston University task force released its report Wednesday on the school’s hockey team, it described a “culture of sexual entitlement,” but it didn’t release details behind that conclusion. Now, The Boston Globe has obtained confidential subcommittee reports which contain graphic details of that culture.

According to the documents, some BU hockey players had the perception they didn’t need to have consent before a sexual encounter. Hockey players themselves admitted this to the task force and reportedly referred to their sexual conquests on Facebook as “kills.”

“I was kind of surprised,” said BU junior Gabriella Delgaillo. “I would think the administration would be more on top of it.”

One of the most disturbing details is of a late-night NCAA championship party at Agganis Arena in 2009. The report says dozens of people drank beer from kegs in the locker room showers and then went on the ice naked and shot pucks.

One former student who was there said, “It was insane. People were having sex in the penalty box.”

“That is really gross,” said BU junior Tawri Matsushige.  “I’m sorry, but I’m not going in there (Agganis Arena) anymore.”

BU hockey coach Jack Parker at first told the task force he didn’t know about the party, then acknowledged he knew of “a few guys drinking in the locker room.”

According to the documents though, at least two players and a staff member told the task force, Parker knew of the party within days of it, and reprimanded the entire team.

“I definitely think they turned a blind eye,” said Delgaillo.  “I know in every school, athletes get special treatment and I think this went a little too far in some sense.”

BU senior Sam Meisel said the coach might also be to blame.

“The coach definitely has an impact on the culture of team, so I think that needs to be considered, but I don’t know whether he’s completely in control of the students.”

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