Paul Ryan sits down for one-on-one interview with NECN

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September 19, 2012, 1:54 pm
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(NECN) - Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan sat down for a one-on-one interview with NECN political reporter Alison King while he was in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

While there, he defended Mitt Romney’s 47-percent remark, while also distancing himself from the controversial comment in which Romney referred to almost half of all Americans who see themselves as victims.

Does Ryan think Romney misspoke?

“No…what I think he said was it was an inelegant way of describing the point, and the point is in the Obama economy, we have more dependence, more joblessness, we have the highest poverty rates we’ve had in a generation,” Ryan said.

Ryan would not say if he agreed with Romney’s comment.

“If we measure success of social programs by how many people stay on social programs, that’s not success. It shouldn’t be easier to get government benefits than it is to get a job,” Ryan said. “We need to make it so that people can transition themselves from lives of dependency to lives of independency.”

Ryan said they want to break the cycle of poverty rather than perpetuate it.

“The point that we’re trying to make is economic growth, economic opportunity, upper mobility, that’s the hallmark of the American dream, the American idea, and it’s languishing in the Obama economy.”

What about the Israel comment by Romney?

“Well that’s a statement of the status quo,” Ryan said. “All he’s [Romney] doing is simply acknowledging the problem with the status quo with respect to finding a two-state solution between Palestinians and Israel.”

Watch the attached interview for more from Paul Ryan.

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