Gronkowski on replacement referees: 'You just gotta control the factors you can control'

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September 25, 2012, 1:39 pm
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(NECN: Justin Michaels, Walpole, Mass.) - New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was in Walpole, Mass. Tuesday to talk about his new cereal 'Gronk Flakes,' which will be available in Stop & Shop stores throughout the New England area.

Gronkowski took a break and sat down with NECN reporter Justin Michaels to look at the controversy surrounding the replacement referees in the NFL.

"I don't even gotta say anything, I mean, you're seeing all the reactions by the fans out there, by the Green Bay players, by other players even watching the game."

The 23-year-old wasn't able to talk specifics, but in a perfect world, he would have some wishes.

"Obviously have the regular refs from the beginning."

Despite the controversy, Gronkowski is focusing on business as usual.

"It's not affecting my practice time, it's not affecting what I'm doing during the week, so you just gotta control the factors you can control and that's all you can worry about."

The NFL released a statement Tuesday regarding the game.

"In Monday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks, Seattle faced a 4th-and-10 from the Green Bay 24 with eight seconds remaining in the game.
Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson threw a pass into the end zone.  Several players, including Seattle wide receiver Golden Tate and Green Bay safety M.D. Jennings, jumped into the air in an attempt to catch the ball.
While the ball is in the air, Tate can be seen shoving Green Bay cornerback Sam Shields to the ground.  This should have been a penalty for offensive pass interference, which would have ended the game.  It was not called and is not reviewable in instant replay.
When the players hit the ground in the end zone, the officials determined that both Tate and Jennings had possession of the ball.  Under the rule for simultaneous catch, the ball belongs to Tate, the offensive player.  The result of the play was a touchdown.
Replay Official Howard Slavin stopped the game for an instant replay review.  The aspects of the play that were reviewable included if the ball hit the ground and who had possession of the ball.  In the end zone, a ruling of a simultaneous catch is reviewable.  That is not the case in the field of play, only in the end zone. 
Referee Wayne Elliott determined that no indisputable visual evidence existed to overturn the call on the field, and as a result, the on-field ruling of touchdown stood.  The NFL Officiating Department reviewed the video today and supports the decision not to overturn the on-field ruling following the instant replay review.
The result of the game is final."

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