What's next for John Barros?

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September 26, 2013, 11:10 am
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(NECN) - The two men who will face off this November in the Boston mayoral general election have agreed to three televised debates.

State Rep. Martin Walsh and City Councilor John Connolly say they've asked Boston media outlets to organize the debates. The details are still being hashed out but we do know that one will be held each week between the weeks of October 14 and November 1.

Election Day is November 5.

With a look at where the race goes from here, we have former mayoral candidate John Barros.

He says he had a great time running and it was fun.

Barros says more time would have been great. He needed to be in front of more voters and scale up his operation, in his opinion.

Was it a missed opportunity for the black community?

Barros says it was unfortunate but the missed opportunity as the low voter turnout.

He says we all need to help get people out and increase participation.

Barros says he appealed to the whole city and got votes from every part of the city.

He says he wasn’t trying to be the candidate of color or the mayor of the community of color. He was trying to be Boston’s mayor.

Barros says he is proud to carry 9,000+ votes.

He says we need to have one strong Boston where all neighborhoods are doing well. HE says the two final candidates need to speak to all Bostonians, in all corners of our city, talking about quality education, safety, affordable housing and health disparities.

Barros says he’s hoping to still be part of the Boston conversation, and he’ll continue to push for what he thinks is important.

Watch the attached video for more.

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