Former roommate of Rezwan Ferdaus talks about terror plot suspect

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September 28, 2011, 9:22 pm

(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Boston) - It is a three story red house on a quiet street in the Mission Hill section of Boston.

And NECN has learned that 4 Cherokee Street is where accused terror suspect Rezwan Ferdaus lived while he was a student at Northeastern University.

His former roommate first spoke from a second floor window.

"He was never very devoutly Muslim, he never seemed so.
He seemed to be going more after the hippie vibe to go after girls. He seemed very shallow. But after he moved out, I heard he hit a wall or something," said the former roommate who declined to give his name.

Then, a short time later, he came downstairs.

"I don't really know if I want to talk about him and vilify an old friend. He lived here for a couple of years, we had our times, and he went on his merry way," he said.

We asked if he ever expected him to be charged with a crime like this.

"Well now this is turning into an interview, you keep on asking questions," he said and walked back inside.

Rezwan Ferdaus is listed as the drummer on the MySpace page of the local band, the Silk Road.

Ferdaus, charged in connection with a plot to destroy the Pentagon and Capitol, was a 2003 graduate of Ashland High School - who then studied physics at Northeastern until 2008.

And on the campus of Ferdaus's alma mater in Boston, outside the Charles A. Dana Research Center, the main physics building - other students' reaction to these charges was mixed.

"I am so surprised," said Kun Zhao, who is getting his Ph.D. in physics at Northeastern.

"I'm not too surprised. It could be anywhere, it's a big school, but I don't think the school has anything to do with the person," said third years student Dimitri Makris.

The university seems to agree with that assessment, saying in a statement:

"We have more than 200,000 alumni living and working around the world. It is inappropriate for the university to comment on a pending investigation involving one of its graduates."     

We have gotten no indication about any technical information Ferdaus may have learned while at Northeastern as he allegedly planned this plot.

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