Controversy over robocalls in Mass. Senate campaign

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September 29, 2012, 7:48 am
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(NECN: Alison King, Duxbury, Mass.) - The Massachusetts US Senate campaign trail took a nautical turn Friday for Republican incumbent Scott Brown, who paid a visit to Island Creek Oysters in Duxbury, part of his "we did build it" tour of businesses, where he took a trip out to the oyster beds.

The Senate race has been on the fast track this week with daily developments from a video of Brown supporters and staffers war whooping and tomahawk chopping at a campaign rally to the controversy over Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren's former corporate legal clients and her Native-American heritage.

Now, it's the influence of outside groups, spending millions in robocalls, that has Democrats crying foul.
 “We’re asking the FEC [Federal Election Commission] to investigate possible coordination between Scott Brown's Senate campaign and super PAC Crossroads GPS. It’s  a far right wing group lead by Karl Rove,’’ said Mass. Democratic Party chairman John Walsh.

Brown says  groups supporting Warren, such as the League of Conservation Voters, SEIU, and “Rethink Brown,” are outspending any groups that support him by 3-1.

“And to be offended by that sort of thing is kind of disingenuous, certainly,” Brown said. “I don't have any part of it. "

Would he prefer Rove pull back or does he need those ads out there? Brown was asked.

“Look, I have no control over it,” Brown said.

Brown called the so-called “People’s Pledge” he signed with Warren, to keep outside groups out of the campaign, rock solid.

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