Deadline for government shutdown approaching

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September 29, 2013, 6:44 pm
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(NECN: Nicole Jacobs) - The clock is ticking, with a government shutdown at stake.

It's been a contentious debate on Capitol Hill - one that has not only put Republicans against Democrats, but has also created discord within each party.

"Seventy-five percent of Republicans across America reject this Tea Party strategy of shutting down the government," said Democratic Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois.

With a late-night vote Saturday, House Republicans agreed on a spending package that would delay Obamacare for one year.

All signs are pointing to a government shut as the Senate is expected to convene Monday and squash the House proposal

Obamacare is said to be President Obama's signature achievement - legislation that has already passed, but health care reform that, to some, is questionable.

The president has made clear he will make no compromise on this stretch of Obamacare.

"He's saying, '100 percent of Obamacare or the highway,'" said Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky. "The president is the one saying, 'I will shut down government if you don't give me everything I want on Obamacare.'"

"It hurts our economy," said Durbin. "For goodness' sakes, we're just starting to recover and create jobs and strengthen the economy, and the leaders in business tell us, 'don't do this don't shut down the government.'"

No one is budging; no one is meeting in the middle. The state of the government is all in the hands of Congress, with all signs pointing to a shutdown beginning Tuesday and all eyes on the Senate as the clock continues to tick.

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