Brown, Warren supporters convene in Lowell, Mass.

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October 1, 2012, 7:41 pm
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(NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Lowell, Mass.) - Things got heated outside the debate at UMass-Lowell between supporters of Republican Senator Scott Brown and his democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren.

But they say they know the true battle will be inside the Tsongas Center.

Peter August, a Brown supporter from Methuen, Mass. said, “You know I’m hoping he can swing some of those marginal votes that we don’t know which way that they’re going over to his side to make a difference.”

Steve Greenberg, a Warren supporter from Sturbridge, Mass. said, “I hope they get back onto the issues and not the silly side show, but I don’t know, but I think Elizabeth will be prepared to handle anything that gets thrown her way.”

Activists on both sides think Warren will once again to try focus her answers on the middle class… but there are two very different views over whether that will help or hurt her campaign.

Sean Connaughton, a Warren supporter from Lowell, Mass. said, “I think she’s a fantastic candidate, definitely has the middle class in mind.”

But Penny Meagher, a Brown supporter from Haverhill, Mass. said, “I don’t believe she’s for the middle class, I don’t think she gets it, I don’t think she understands middle class at all.”

Those outside the arena say they believe Brown will try to stay on message that he’s a regular guy and even though there’s an “R” after his name, it doesn’t mean he won’t be independent.

Joe Rizzuti, a Brown supporter and Revere police officer said, “He grew up on the streets like us and that’s my connection, he’s no different than anybody else, he hasn’t asked for anything and he’s worked hard, plus I’m a former member of the national guard and it touched my heart what he’s done for the country.”

Others aren’t convinced.

Peggy Gaudet, a Warren supporter from  Lowell, Mass. said, “It’s so important because this is Kennedy’s seat, number one and why it went over to Scott Brown I don’t understand, his voting record shows that he votes Republican, he says he’s a great moderate but he votes Republican.”

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