Connolly says he'll vote 'no' to BPPA pay raise

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October 1, 2013, 6:23 pm
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(NECN: Alison King) - After meeting with the Menino administration Sunday and the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association Monday, City Councilor and mayoral candidate John Connolly says he's concluded that the City Council cannot responsibly vote to approve the police union's 25.4 percent pay raise.

"If this contract is presented to the City Council, I will vote no," Connolly said.

That number, awarded by an arbitrator late last week, is a compromise that would cost the city $80 million over the next six years and Connolly says it does not strike the right balance.

"It would damage the city's long term fiscal health and it would set a precedent for all future labor negotiations in the city," he said.

Connolly is calling for the city and the Patrolmen's Association to go back to the bargaining table.

I asked Connolly's opponent, State Representative Marty Walsh, if he were on the City Council how he would vote.

"I'm running for Mayor of Boston. I'm not on the council and I've been clear in my statement where I stand on this issue and I think both sides should go back to the table," Walsh said.

Walsh says if he were Mayor, he would have resolved the contract in negotiations and would not have needed an arbitrator.

Walsh is a former union worker who has the majority of union support in the race.

Asked what he would done that would Mayor Menino was not able to do, Walsh said, "I'm going to put the cards on the table. I'm going to talk about transparency, openness and honesty and I think that's important so both sides understand that we don't draw a line in the sand and that's the difference between myself and my opponent in this race."

Walsh says he will continue to encourage both parties to voluntarily resume negotiations thereby avoiding the Council vote.

No word from the Patrolmen's Association as to whether or not they're open to going back to the table.

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