NH victim's boyfriend: Police 'executed' my girlfriend

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October 1, 2013, 4:58 pm
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(NECN:  Lauren Collins, Manchester, NH) - Charles Peter wants to know why.  Why is his girlfriend of three and a half years dead?

“They put eleven shots in her windshield.  They can't shoot a tire?”  

Multiple friends and family members identify the woman shot and killed after a police pursuit Monday night as 45-year-old Wendy Lawrence of Allenstown, N.H. Authorities have yet to release her name but say the woman behind the wheel of a Monte Carlo led state police from interstate 89 in Bow, down I-93, to the intersection of Kennard Road and Dave Street in Manchester where troopers tried to block her car.

Bob Britton lives at that intersection and heard the shots. 

“I knew it was gun shots.  Sounded like a semi-automatic weapon, the clip being unloaded.”  

In the end, there were nearly a dozen bullet holes in the window of the car and Lawrence was dead.

Peter doesn't know why she wouldn't stop for police but says she was always nervous around cops and claims she'd been bullied last year.  

“I think she panicked,” he says, “but that's still no reason to execute somebody like that.”  

A look into court records shows Lawrence was arrested twice last year, once for a fight with Peter, and in July she signed a no contest plea deal to one count simple assault, obstructing reporting of a crime, resisting arrest, and drug possession.  As part of the agreement, she was supposed to continue mental health counseling.  

“She had no weapons,” he says.  “She didn't have anything in the car she could have hurt police officers with.  What I want to know is why they executed her like that.  And,11 shots?  They could have shot to wound her.”  

The attorney general's office is leading the investigation into the shooting.

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