Warm weather extends beach season in Hampton, NH

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October 2, 2013, 4:37 pm
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(NECN: Lauren Collins, Hampton, NH) - With the temperatures being unseasonably warm in the region, people are heading to the beach. One hotspot is Hampton Beach in New Hampshire.

There really is only one way to put it

"Oh it is a fabulous day," smiled Melissa Martin on her first beach day this year.

It was 79-degrees and sunny at Hampton Beach, and it's October 2nd!

"It was kind of weird brushing leaves off my car to come to the beach," said Nicole Elliot of Salisbury, Mass.

Wednesday's crowd at Hampton Beach was a fraction of summer's traffic, but easily two to three times the size of the draw Tuesday or Monday.  And those were some beautiful days.

Kate Pouliot saw the forecast and packed the kids in the car to take advantage.

"I know fall's coming soon enough, so it's kinda like, enjoy it while we can and go apple picking tomorrow, or something, right?"

That kind of carpe sunshine attitude prompted some to play hooky. We even found a dad who pulled his son out of school to work on weather appreciation. Others didn't have to place that sick call.

"It's beautiful out," said Elliot. "I don't have to work today 'cause the government shut down so I'm good. I'm at the beach!"

"It's a great day. I'm sad because in two days I'm going to come home," said Italian exchange student Ilana.

Beach goers were met with limited options along Ocean Boulevard, where most of the businesses have closed for the season. Blink's Fry Doe is day by day, weather dependent, of course.

"This time tends it tends to be a little slower when school gets back and people switch minds over to the fall, more than the summer, but whenever a nice day comes, it always helps us out," said manager Brian Roche.

If you're here, you're lucky. And in active denial of what is sure to come soon enough

"Oh definitely, definitely.  I'm not looking forward to the snow and all...no, no.  I don't want to take out the shovel, yet."

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