Expectations high for presidential candidates

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October 3, 2012, 6:02 pm
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(NECN: Alison King) - Many political analysts and voters agree: the expectations are high for both President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in their first presidential debate Wednesday night.

Romney may have the higher hill to climb in the eyes of voters. He needs to present a clear and convincing argument of why Obama has failed when it come to the economy over these past four years. Just as importantly, Romney needs to clearly explain what he would do differently.

The former governor of Massachusetts has been accused of not providing many specifics on his policy plans in the past, and the debate, NECN political reporter Alison King says, gives Romney the chance to talk about them.

Finally, Romney needs to show he is a likeable person. He doesn't need to be Mr. Congeniality, but he needs to be able to show that he can relate to average Americans. Romney's image took an enormous hit when the 47 percent video was released.

President Obama may have the upper hand in that he leads in the polls and it seems he has momentum in his favor, as well. Of course, he doesn't want to have any gaffes, but he also has the burden of having to explain what he would either differently or what he hasn't had enough time to accomplish over the past four years or what he plans to do going forward. Obama will also have to explain how he would bridge the gap between Republicans and Democrats, which he has not had much luck with in the past four years.

Both Romney and Obama are "cool characters," King said. Obama has a way of turning on the charm, and Romney has shown the primary debates in the past year that he is very calm and collected. However, King pointed out Romney does get a certain look on his face during debates that she described as "kind of a half smile, half irritated look, and it's a little bit condescending," but added that humor also goes a long way in these debates.

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