Suffolk Downs showcases potential casino jobs

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October 3, 2013, 8:29 pm
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(NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Boston) - The famous quote goes, “If you build it, they will come.” The proposed Caesars Resort at Suffolk Downs hasn’t been built yet, hasn’t even been approved, and already, hundreds eager to work there turned out for a career forum Thursday.

Suffolk Downs promises roughly 4,000 jobs at the casino, and 2,500 construction jobs before that.

It’s a prospect that gives hope to union workers like Dominic Brangiforte of Revere, who has been out of work two years.

“I got caught in that real estate trap and then my company closed and, we’re holding on by a thread, my wife has a real good job and a good degree but it’s hard, I’m not the only one,” Brangiforte said.

Linda Coffey, also of Revere, has a job, but it’s an hour drive each way. She says she would love to work right down the street.

“It would be a change, but it would be a welcome change because the amount of money used on gas going to work it would save me quite a bit,” said Coffey.

Under the Caesars plan, those living in the host communities of Revere and East Boston would get preferential employment.

“This is going to be East Boston and Revere’s casino and the way you make a casino the hometown casino is you have those employees,” said Caesars Entertainment President of Central Markets and Partnership Development John Payne.

“We’re just trying to expose people to the different levels of careers, the different job opportunities, the training, the benefits that would be offered if we’re successful in earning a license here,” said Suffolk Downs Chief Operating Officer Chip Tuttle.

And that’s something Mia Herrera of East Boston hopes will not only be approved by voters on November 5th but by the Gaming Commission next year.

“Right now how the economy’s going, everybody needs a job and there’s a lot of people out there even with a degree like ourselves, we are really like in small jobs but we’d like to do something we enjoy every day,” Herrera said.

The Gaming Commission has said it's going to make a decision on licenses by April of next year.

Tuttle says if Suffolk Downs gets a license, he expects construction to start quickly so those jobs would available sometime next year. He expects construction to last about 14-15 months, so they could be in position to hire people full-time beginning in the fall of 2015.

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