Greg's List: Occupy Boston

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October 6, 2011, 10:08 pm

(NECN: Greg Wayland, Boston) - I knew Boston’s anti-corporate encampment was peaceful when the nine-foot statue of Gandhi arrived.

Gandhi who said, "i think it would be a good idea" (when asked what he thought about western civilization.)

Which sounds like something groucho Marx might have said, and groucho might have asked, what are these people doing here?
"Why I'm here,” said one girl, “That's the burning question, isn't it?"

"What brings me down here personally is the movement itself and to be specific, endemic unemployment that hasn't been seen since the great depression," said one man.

Because of the corruption that corporate America has heaped on us.
And the (anti-corporate) gang was all here.

“I was zipping through town. I said I just got to have some presence to let cha all know that love is coming at ya in all directions my man," Cornel West, Princeton University professor.

“It says equality for the ninety-nine per cent, because that's the movement that really brought me out here."

"Our idea is to show everyone in this country that the ninety-nine per cent needs to have a stronger voice,” said Brian Maccormack.

One thing can't be denied about the ninety-nine per cent, they are ... colorful. Very colorful.

You got green tents over here; you've got a red tent here. You’ve got mud right here. You’ve got a yellow tent, green tent, blue tent, orange tent.

Some wear masks, some of them actually want to remain anonymous. Some of them are just doing it for the symbolism.

“There's others who just don't want anyone to know who they are. There’s others who just think it's a really cool-looking mask. .

“If anyone's going to affect change, it's going to be us.”

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