2 polls show Mass. Senate race neck-and-neck

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October 9, 2012, 8:19 pm
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(NECN: Alison King) - Two new polls released Tuesday show just how close the Bay State's Senate race is.

A WBUR poll shows GOP incumbent Sen. Scott Brown leading Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren 47 to 43 percent, with the lead being within the poll's margin of error. Meanwhile, a UMass Amherst poll actually gives Warren a 2 point lead over Brown, which is also within the poll's margin of error.

Both Brown and Warren continue to prepare for their third debate on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, former N.J. Gov. Christie Todd Whitman, a longtime advocate for moderation in the Republican Party, was in Boston to endorse Brown, while at the same time, Warren was visiting construction workers at a South Boston work site talking about the importance of investing in infrastructure and education.

The latest two polls show this race is locked in a tie, with one giving the edge to Brown, the other to Warren. But polls aren't necessary to know this race is close if one just takes a look at the TV ads the campaigns just released - both are on the attack.

The Warren campaign says numbers in a Brown attack ad are made up and the sign of Brown's campaign being desperate; meanwhile, Warren has her own ad rebutting Brown's attack on her work for Traveler's Insurance.

"Just follow the money. The people of Massachusetts didn't fall off the Turnip Truck yesterday," says Brown about Warren's work for Traveler's. "She would like you to think that she somehow was secret - a double agent of some sort, that she was being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars from Travelers Insurance Company to actually work for the victims."

Brown was asked about a new video clip posted on the Mother Jones' website that shows Brown six years ago at a backyard BBQ being asked questions by a production company hoping to do business with Brown's daughter Ayla, whom was fresh off of American Idol.

"Listen, you have some disgruntled people who want to have some fun, 27 days, 28 days before the election," he says about the video.

Brown was also asked about a photo reportedly posted on his Facebook page that showed supporters holding a "Welcome to Squaw-ntum" sign, an apparent reference to Warren's claim of Native American heritage.

"If there's something inappropriate, I've always said that both campaigns should tone down their rhetoric," he says.

"Scott Brown will be judged by the campaign he runs. I'll be judged by the campaign I'm running. I'm proud of how we're doing this," Warren says.

The third of four debates will be held Wednesday evening in Springfield.

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