Mass. family lost in corn maze, calls 911 for help

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October 11, 2011, 10:20 pm

(NECN: Alysha Palumbo, Danvers, MA) - It was Monday night, shortly after this corn maze in Danvers, Massachusetts closed. A couple and their two young kids couldn't find their way out. They kept running into dead end after dead end. So they decided to call 9-1-1 for help.
The 9-1-1 operator said, "9-1-1 this line's recorded, what's the address of your emergency?"
The caller said,  "Hi I just called, I'm still stuck at Connor's Farms, I don't see anybody I'm really scared, it's really dark and we've got a three-week-old baby with us."
The 9-1-1 operator responded, "Try to relax, calm down."
It was about 6:30 on Columbus Day and Connor's Farms manager Rich Potter says they had just closed up shop when police arrived.
Potter said, "The first I know about it, Justin from the Danvers police department arrives in his cruiser and says Rich you've got someone lost in the maze, we had just closed the doors, we're not even looking out at the parking lot yet."
As Potter, the officer and his K-9 walked through the maze, the dispatcher had the couple yell to them for help.
"Hello K-9!" said the other caller named Roberto, "I see lights over there at the place but we can't get there because we're like smack right in the middle of the corn field."
It took about ten minutes for police to locate the family in the maze's seven acres of corn stalks.
The 9-1-1 operator said, "Hi ma'am, you're going to be okay, alright?"
She said, "Thank you so much."
The 9-1-1 operator responded, "You're welcome alright."
"Never again!" said the woman, "We thought this would be fun, instead it's a nightmare."
Many people winding their way through the headless horseman maze Tuesday were a bit surprised by the emergency call from within the cornfield.
Alex Ebert of Newburyport, MA said, "You can just kind of listen to the cars and you can kind of find your way back over this way, I don't understand why they didn't do that."
January Mallett of Lynn, MA said, "If you just look at the tree line, and you listen for the cars going by or even look for the wires going around you can't get lost, so yeah that was hard to believe."
Potter says he understands how a family could get lost and overwhelmed, especially with two young kids in tow. But he says there are several guideposts like this one to help you find your way out of maze. You can also use your cell phone to text to get clues to find an exit.

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