Brookline considers meter hike for Red Sox games

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October 12, 2010, 5:37 pm

(NECN: Josh Brogadir, Brookline, Mass.) - Finding a cheap parking spot for a Boston Red Sox game could soon get even harder. It's all because of a plan being debated tonight in Brookline, Massachusetts.

The proposal - only on game nights - the rate could go from .75 cents to 22 dollars to park on a two block stretch of Beacon Street in Brookline.

"Big city, you can always come up with somewhere but this was really convenient, a nice easy walk to the park," said Sox fan Nick Goyette, of Dedham, who knows currently this just might be the best deal in town, parking during home game nights for less than a dollar about a mile from Fenway.

But that might be about to change.

The town of Brookline is talking about pushing up the meters from 6pm to 10pm and making those last two hours along the median 10 dollar an hour each - hiking the total more than 20 dollar to park.

If they do it, the meter maids, already not so popular, aren't going to make many new friends.

"You're just getting taken advantage of because if you do go to the game and you're not going to want to leave say three hours into the game, and then go back and miss it," said Sox fan Doug Swartz, of Brookline.

"If it's a revenue source, my belief is that they should keep it simple, I mean what's wrong with say just extending meter hours all over the town until say 8pm like they did in Boston a number of years ago without picking different particular nights or hours. It just seems too complicated," said O'Leary's Pub owner Aengus O'Leary, who  is one of the very business owners town officials had in mind with this plan - parking in the area is at a premium for people not going to the game.

So spaces along the curb would be a 2 hour limit.

"A significant number of people are getting free parking for the baseball game which is of course a nice thing for them to do but we would like to be able to get some revenue for the town out of that," said Michael Sandman, chairman of the town Transportation Board.

A small, but interested group showed up at an open meeting.

But no vote yet.

So for now, the other options for fans - shell out 40 dollars to park in a lot at the game - or ditch the car altogether and take the T.

Down the road, Sandman thinks the selectmen will approve this.

If you don't pay and get a parking ticket - it will cost 25 dollars, not much different than 22 dollars.

No one's going to have 20 dollars in quarters, so the town will install cash and credit card machines at new multi-space meters.

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