Cruise prices at all-time lows

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October 14, 2013, 5:56 am
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(NBC News: Chris Clackum) - If you have a little bit of vacation time stashed away, this may be the week you decide what to do with it because somebody's got a deal you may find difficult to refuse.

For a variety of reasons, it's always much cheaper to take a cruise this time of year, but this year, cruise prices are at all-time lows.

"It's cheaper than my rent,” exclaims MarketWatch reporter Catey Hill. “I'm like, 'maybe I should cruise the world for a year instead of paying my rent."

Hill researched and wrote, it's cheaper than a motel.

"I mean under $40 a person per night is super low... I mean it's almost to the point cheaper than the Motel 6 when you consider that on a cruise you get all your food included in that, they're super, super cheap right now."

Carnival's offering as low as $35 a night while Royal Caribbean has taken as much as a thousand dollars off some sailings.

It's off-season, plus, ships are repositioning from chillier to warmer regions of the world. But Hill says also behind the bargains this year is some bad publicity the industry's gotten recently.

"A lot of these little things have just put the cruise straight up, center, in the media headlines and so cruises are like really trying to fix their media image right now," she says.

And fix it just in time for national cruise vacation week, which starts next Sunday.

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