Greg Dickerson: I think Gronk is afraid to play, Dobson should be cut

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October 14, 2013, 9:07 am
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(NECN/CSNNE) – Comcast SportsNet’s Greg Dickerson wants to know, who are these people that don’t stay up past midnight to watch playoff baseball on a holiday weekend?

He says he wasn’t completely shocked the Red Sox came back to beat the Detroit Tigers 6-5. Dickerson says they are probably the gutsiest Red Sox team he has seen in his lifetime and they continue to battle back.

Dickerson expects Justin Verlander and the Tigers to beat the Red Sox pretty good in Game 3, but he thinks things can shift in Game 4. He still expects the Red Sox to win in seven games.

Dickerson, however, was stunned by the New England Patriots beating the New Orleans Saints.

He was surprised someone in the Patriots wide receiving crew could catch the ball and that Tom Brady actually hit someone on the hands.

Dickerson says they got a lot of help from the Saints’ coach.

All that aside, Dickerson still wants Aaron Dobson cut from the team because he can’t catch the ball.

What about the Rob Gronkowski situation?

Dickerson thinks this is probably going to end pretty ugly, even uglier than it already is. He doesn’t know the answer but he thinks Gronk is afraid to play.

Dickerson doesn’t think they should trade Gronk, but they shouldn’t play him until the Patriots and Gronk are both 100-percent.

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